January 2018 EMBRACE Highlight

JANUARY 1, 2018


WHEN YOU GIVE TO Camp Hill UMC’s one-fund for ministry, you are embracing God’s vision of embracing children’s ministries!

How, you ask?

Because of the EMBRACE Initiative, we are half-way through Phase 1 of our Children’s Min- istry Renovation! We have already paid out over $5,150 for new computerized child check -in technology, collaboration work with a designer, and new paint, so that our children’s ministry corridor is well on its way to growing in the garden theme! $20,125 additional dollars are designated from the 2017 ministry resourcing plan to finalize the Phase 1 work of installing a new welcome desk, new murals, hallway furniture, and more!

Still coming in 2018, because of Embrace giving, we have also been able to allocate $40,000 additional dollars to begin Phase 2 of the Children’s Ministry Renovation! Phase 2 will involve new carpet, cabinets, and paint for two of the largest, oldest and dividable classrooms in the Children’s Ministry area.

Thank you!

Each Sunday, Camp Hill UMC staff and congregation members come alongside over 120 kids, as their hearts grow in love for God! We are so excited that these renovations will enable current families and those who are not here yet to grow in confidence leaving their children in our care in a hospitable, colorful, safe environment for sacred learning!