Pastor's Paragraph for February 25, 2018

FEBRUARY 24, 2018


As I write this it’s Wednesday afternoon and this is my second day back in the office after being down flat for the better part of a week with acute bronchitis, while my lungs seemed to be deciding whether or not to stay inside my body. I’m rejoicing because it appears they’ve decided to stay inside my chest! I am very grateful that Pastor Jack was feeling better last Sunday, so that he was able to fill in for me in the pulpit! Pastor Jon had also previously been home fighting the latest bug going around, and I have just returned from doing a food run to Pastor Sharon after she missed Wednesday’s Senior Luncheon due to having come down with pneumonia. Pastor Anna didn’t come in today because she was running a temperature, and Margaret Brightbill just informed me that she was sorry but that she couldn’t stay for Wednesday Connection later today, but her body just couldn’t remain upright any longer. It’s been a rough couple of weeks on our CHUM staff—but also on the rest of the congregation and surrounding population as well. When Jesus painted a word picture of God’s coming kingdom, and those who would be welcomed into that kingdom, he said, “I was sick and you visited me.” Anyone who’s smart does what’s necessary to make sure that he/she—and their loved ones—don’t get sick. But any disciple of Jesus Christ who’s wise, also recognizes opportunities to share the love of Christ through small acts of kindness with those who are battling illness. Thanks to so many of you who remembered me!

—Pastor Tom