Pastor's Paragraph for March 11, 2018

MARCH 11, 2018


Today we’re hosting a longtime friend of CHUM’s from the land of our Lord’s birth. Dr. George Ghanem of Bethlehem is back with us today, and he’s again brought with him the beautiful olive wood carvings created by Christians in the Holy Land. I hope you’ll take advantage of the opportunity to stop by and browse through this beautiful artwork created by our brothers and sisters in Christ, who daily face huge challenges as they seek to follow our Lord in the land where Jesus walked and taught. In the past, the numbers of Christians who lived in the land of our Savior’s earthly sojourn was considerably higher, but today the population of Christian disciples in the Holy Land is actually less than 2% of Israel’s total population. Carving olive wood into beautiful, Christian artwork that is then sold and displayed all over the world is one of the chief ways that these remaining disciples of our Lord in the Holy Land are able to support themselves and their families. Thanks for taking advantage of this opportunity today through your purchases to stand in solidarity and support alongside our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ in the Promised Land!

pastor tom

—Pastor Tom