Pastor's Paragraph for March 18, 2018

MARCH 17, 2018


Ministry has changed in significant ways throughout my forty years of serving the Church! Perhaps no change is more significant than congregations now having to give serious thought to the security of those on church property. One of my final commitments at CHUM was to initiate a Church Security Task Force that would be making security recommendations to CHUM’s Church Council. I recognized—because of the breadth of this discussion and the need—that I was only going to get this dialogue started, but not finished, before I leave you. Our Task Force has now been meeting for four months and is in the process of honing our recommendations and their associated costs. If Congregational Security is an issue for which you have passion, I encourage you to plan to attend a free Church Security Workshop being held at Catherine Hall on the Milton Hershey School campus on Saturday, April 7th, from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. This workshop is free and lunch is provided. The registration deadline is Monday, April 2nd. To register, call Sue Moran, the Administrative Assistant in the Church Office, @ 717-737-5631. Unfortunately, I am unable to attend this workshop since I will be in Panguma on April 7th. My hope is that quite a number of interested folks from CHUM will take advantage of this free, local workshop in order to intelligently converse with Church Council members on the issue of church security moving forward.

pastor tom

—Pastor Tom