Pastor's Paragraph for March 25, 2018

MARCH 24, 2018


Most of you know that I’m planning to be one of about six members of CHUM’s Mission Team to our sister congregation in Sierra Leone, West Africa, next month. We had planned to leave for Sierra Leone on April 2nd, the day after Easter, and to return on April 14th. However, as the old saying goes, “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” A presidential election in Sierra Leone resulted in no clear victory for any of the candidates, so a run-off election had to be held. Many believe that there’s a strong possibility of civil unrest in Sierra Leone when the election results are made known. It appears that the government is planning to release those results just about the same time that we were planning to arrive in the country. Both Bishop Yambasu and Dr. Wai have urged us to reconsider the timing of our trip, out of concern for our safety. So, at least for now, our trip has tentatively been pushed forward one week, with an anticipated departure date of Monday, April 9th, which should give sufficient time to make sure that Sierra Leone is peaceful before we arrive. We’ll keep you posted about any additional changes which may become necessary based on conditions on the ground in Sierra Leone. The whole team and I greatly appreciate your prayers!

pastor tom

—Pastor Tom