Pastor's Paragraph for April 29, 2018

APRIL 28, 2018


I want to take this opportunity to once more say thank-you for your wonderful farewell gift of giving me an all expense paid trip back to Panguma so that I was able to return there one last time to say my farewells to longtime friends and ‘family.’ It was a fantastic trip, and our mission team certainly experienced the blessing of God upon us on every step of our journey! The team further enhanced your gift to me by setting me free from administrative responsibilities on the trip so that I could concentrate on relationship building instead. That was such a blessing! I was able to visit with all the people I’ve come to know over these years, including my two “African sons,” both of whom have nearly completed building their new homes in Panguma and I was able to visit them both. In addition, I was also able to meet my eight month old namesake, Albert, who bears my middle name and my maternal grandfather’s first name. In addition to spending a significant amount of time with old friends and ‘family,’ I also made some great new friendships and was greatly blessed by God in the process. Please know how greatly blessed I was by the thoughtfulness of your farewell gift! And thank-you once again!

pastor tom

—Pastor Tom