Pastor's Paragraph for April 8, 2018

APRIL 7, 2018


It’s been an interesting week! Some of you are aware that I started having pain in my jaw on Holy Thursday. By Good Friday the pain level had escalated considerably and my dentist’s office was closed for the holiday weekend. By Saturday the pain was excruciating and I called my dentist’s emergency contact number, which resulted in being placed on antibiotics. By Easter Sunday the antibiotics had begun to take effect and the pain wasn’t quite as bad as it had been previously. I’m extremely grateful, however, for Pastor Stephen offering to lead worship on Easter so that I could save what stamina I had just for preaching. By Monday I had an appointment with my endodontist where I learned that I had cracked the molar that I thought was the problem, but also that a root canal would not solve my problem. The tooth needed to be extracted! By Thursday I had an appointment with an oral surgeon. Meanwhile Pastor Anna also was at home and dealing with the return of fever for several days this past week. However, what I really wanted to share with you is to keep in mind that I was supposed to be in Panguma this week, but the trip was moved back one week while we allowed events to unfold on the ground after the presidential election run-off results were announced. God is good—ALL the time! I am just so glad that we were not in Panguma this past week as we had originally planned! Instead, we are scheduled to leave for Sierra Leone this coming Tuesday (4/10). Lord willing, we will be gone for twelve days, until April 21st. Today the Panguma Mission Team is being dedicated to God between the services at 10:45 a.m. in the Fireside Room, and you’re invited to come and join us in this time of prayer and praise!

pastor tom

—Pastor Tom