May 2018 EMBRACE Highlight

May 2018 EMBRACE Highlight

May 6, 2018


When you give to Camp Hill UMC’s one-fund, you are embracing God’s preferred future for our church and the surrounding communities of Camp Hill, Harrisburg, and Panguma, Sierra Leone!

How, you ask?

One year ago, our church community took a dramatic leap of faith in committing our unified funds and prayers for two full years to fulfilling a vision of embracing our current mission and ministry – and also growing by embracing mission & outreach, children’s ministry, hospitality, freedom from debt, and youth & young adults! In the past year, we have made immense progress in all areas of growth! Thank you for your generosity, which has made these kingdom-building opportunities (and many more) possible:

Hiring a new Director of Student Ministries to reach out to youth & college students!

• Creating a full-time Mission & Outreach Director position to grow our Mission & Outreach options & launch Fresh Expressions of Church!

• Developing 4 Fresh Expressions of Church – in progress!

• Replacing & repairing LOTS of equipment, including the parking lot, heating & cooling units, the sewer line, simulcasting equipment, Wesley Center chairs, etc…

• Increasing our Director of Communications hours to half time!

• Drastically expanding our budgeted mission and outreach funding

• Hiring our Director of Food Service full-time so that she can help us keep up with our growing 55+ Luncheons, weekly Wednesday Connection Dinners, and more!

• Paying down over $91,640 in debt principle!

• Hiring 3 young adult interns – one of whom is preaching this month!

• Nearing the completion of the first phase of our Children’s Ministry refurb.

Thank you!

We are so grateful – and we still have Embrace visions that we believe God desires to fulfill! Here are just a few – we hope you’ll continue giving generously & add your gifts this year to make these dreams possible:

• Finishing Phase 2 & 3 of the Children’s Ministry refurb!

• Finishing phases 1, 2 & 3 of the Gathering Space & Fireside Room redesign plan

• Hiring more young adult interns

• Hiring a new Director of Young Adult & Small Group Discipleship!

• Paying down another $100,000 of debt

• Repairing the chimney, water softener, and more heating & cooling issues

• Replacing the phone system, broken kitchen steamer & projection screen

• Upgrading the Potter’s House for more meeting space & sealing the Wesley Center brick

• Preparing the Fineview parsonage for Pastor Gary’s arrival

Praise God for this tremendously generous congregation & for the dreams of God’s heart for embracing the world!