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Ministry Impact Story for May 12, 2018

MAY 12, 2018


Jim and Wanda Bateman conceived the idea of a benefit concert for Rafé Shearer and her family in the wake of Rafé’s recent lung transplant surgery. The idea was to help the Shearers with their unreimbursed expenses associated with the surgery. Jim and Wanda first presented their idea to our pastoral staff. After receiving affirmation, they approached Craig & Rafé directly and received their approval. However, Rafé insisted that whatever funds were raised should be tithed both to Camp Hill UMC’s Emergency Needs Fund and also to the Gift of Life House at Temple University where the families of transplant patients are able to stay and eat for free in close proximity to their hospitalized loved one. Next Jim and Wanda contacted Keith Roden and the Sanctuary Choir. A program of music was planned which involved a wide variety of musicians connected to the Camp Hill UMC community. As a result, more than $12,000 has been raised for the Shearers, and $1,500 each for Camp Hill UMC’s Emergency Needs Fund and the Gift of Life House at Temple!

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