Pastor’s Paragraph for May 27, 2018

Pastor's Paragraph for May 27, 2018

MAY 27, 2018


I shared with some folks that I came to my Farewell Celebration on 5/19 with much fear and trepidation, not quite knowing what to expect, and not really feeling all that comfortable being the focus of attention. As things turned out, however, it was an absolutely lovely evening! I especially appreciated the fact that Marty’s gifts and ministry at CHUM were celebrated in addition to mine! The Staff-Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) did a superb job of planning a light hearted evening that was lots of fun for Marty, me, and our family—and hopefully for everyone else who attended! I need to single out a couple of folks for special thanks. Sabrena Jutzi pulled together much of the evening and did an absolutely superb job of it! Pastor Anna provided considerable guidance in planning the event—starting back almost a year ago! Chairperson of the SPRC Kim Bedford supervised the overall celebration. Drew Robeson did a fantastic job of serving as Master of Ceremony. Margaret Brightbill did her usual superb job of coordinating the food, much of which came from my favorite barbecue restaurant, Road Hawg in Dillsburg. Elizabeth Piatt wrote a song in our honor and was joined in singing it by Keith Roden, Rick and Chris Sample. And Leslie Petersheim was in charge of the advertising for the event. We loved all the gifts we received! The fully paid trip to Panguma was an absolutely wonderful gift! So were the flower centerpieces on all the tables, which are now part of our flower beds at our new home. We also received countless cards, kind words, and many unexpected gift cards. We won’t have to pay to go out to eat for a considerable time to come! We sincerely want to say thank-you to you all! We did feel disappointed that we weren’t able to get around to express our very sincere thanks to each and every one of you who came and shared the evening with us. Please know that we are deeply grateful to God for your continuing friendship, love, and support! 

pastor tom

—Pastor Tom (& Marty)