June 2018 EMBRACE Highlight

June 2018 EMBRACE Highlight

JUNE 1, 2018


 When you give to Camp Hill UMC’s one-fund, you are embracing God’s vision of raising up more young people as disciples of Jesus Christ! 

How, you ask?

This winter and spring, because of the Embrace Initiative, Camp Hill UMC was able to hire Messiah College student, Zach Shafer, as a young adult worship intern. Over the months of his internship, Zach has preached in New Life, led worship, and recommended new, inspiring and theologically sensitive song selections for New Life worship. 

In addition to Wednesday night rehearsals and Sunday morning participation, Zach has been integrally involved in developing and leading a youth worship band that plays in weekly youth meetings and led worship for the Hungry for Hope event! Zach recruited student musicians, taught new skills in both guitar and percussion, organized rehearsals, planned each week’s song sets, and led the singing. He is passionate about and actively engaged in raising up new, young leaders who are growing in their musical skill, in their leadership capacity, and in their faith in Christ. 

We are grateful to have had Zach serve among us and look forward to witnessing all that God has yet to do in and through his ministry both here at Camp Hill UMC and beyond!

Thank you!

We praise God for the generosity and vision of this congregation, as your gifts have made it possible for all of us to grow in faith through Zach’s presence with us, and you have made it possible for one more stellar young person to be affirmed and to grow in his capacity to transform the world through discipleship!