Pastor’s Paragraph for June 3, 2018

Pastor's Paragraph for June 3, 2018

JUNE 3, 2018


It’s difficult to conceive that this is my final time to write this Pastor’s Paragraph to my CHUM family after having done so about 430 times over the course of the past nine years. Of course, officially I am still your Senior Pastor through the end of June! Until June 30th I will be making the most of my unused vacation—some at our new home, and some fishing in Canada with my sons. If there is a pastoral emergency during June requiring my attention, you may still see me—so long as I am in the area and available. My cell phone remains 717-497-1640. However, beginning July 1st I will no longer be available for any pastoral needs of CHUM folks. Gary Weaver becomes your new Lead Pastor on July 1st, and anyone calling me after that time from CHUM to ask me to do a wedding, a baptism, a funeral, a hospital call, etc. will instead hear a very polite but firm “no” from me. Gary and Cindy Weaver are very dear friends of Marty and me, and I know that you will grow to love them every bit as much as we do. The United Methodist Church discourages former pastors from attending worship at their former church for at least a year after leaving and also from serving former parishioners in any pastoral capacity whatsoever so that the congregation has an opportunity to bond with their new pastor. This is a practice that I heartily endorse! Marty and I do not yet know where we’ll be worshipping, but please know that we will miss you dearly, at the same time knowing that you will be in the very capable hands with Pastors Gary and Anna, with assistance from Pastors Sharon, Jon, Jack, and Stephen! May the Lord continue to bless and use all of you richly for Christ’s kingdom’s sake! We look forward to seeing you in the neighborhood! 

pastor tom

—Pastor Tom