Pastor's Paragraph for July 15, 2018

JULY 15, 2018


“Are you settled in?” 

That question has been asked of Cindy and I several dozen times in the past two weeks. 

Well, yes the boxes have been unpacked and have been recycled – my closet is in order – I finally, after ten days, found my white socks. So, yes we are settled in but truth be told not really. 

Truth be told we are “moved in,” settled in is another question. 

I laugh at myself because when I reach for my favorite knives in the kitchen, they are not in the drawer where they have been for six years. I smile slightly when I walk into the office kitchen and go to put my lunch in the refrigerator and it is not where it was in the Wesley Church work room. 

So maybe I am not yet settled – maybe I am unpacked, maybe I feel at home, maybe my office is in order but settled, no. 

I am not sure, upon self examination, that I am ever fully settled. There is often within my soul a small part that is curious enough to be unsettled, a small part of my soul that is restless enough to be unsettled, there is a larger part of my soul that always wonders “what does God expect of me next?” That internal question will never allow me to be fully settled on this earth. 

So the next time, and there will be a next time, when I am asked “Are you settled?” I will simply smile and say “I am getting there.” 

I wonder this week how that question resonates within you – are you settled?

Pastor Gary Weaver