Pastor's Paragraph for July 22, 2018

JULY 22, 2018


 Just a month ago I was blessed with a wonderful window to the world. For the last six years my office window was stained glass, beautiful but no view to the outside world. The beauty of this old colored glass was a small and yet daily gift from God. But, that has changed. I now have a new office window. My side window looks out to our playground where there is life, movement and young voices and there is a great and well used purple sliding board. 

There’s a scene in Alice Walker’s novel, The Color Purple, where the characters Celie and Shug are walking through a field replete with purple flowers talking about God. They are talking about how God loves admiration. How God loves it when we sit up and take notice of something wondrous in the world. That is why things are made so beautiful: to get our attention. Shug says to Celie something like: I think it tics God off when you walk by the color purple in a field and don’t notice it. 

The blessing that is given to each of us is the opportunity to see God at work every day and in every moment. Throughout scripture we are challenged to be spiritually aware and sensitive to that which we are gifted. The simple gifts of color, the change of seasons, and the variety of people around us are too easy to overlook or at least too easy to take for granted. 

As new friends and God’s people, I pray that we can be people that see with clear eyes, but more importantly that we can be followers of Christ that see with clear hearts. Let us not ignore what God has to offer and let us share our blessing with those who need to see the daily gifts from God. 

Pastor Gary Weaver