Pastor's Paragraph for July 29, 2018

JULY 29, 2018


 How can this week’s Pastor Paragraph be about anything other than the rain? 

Two years after I was born (1962) Bobby Vinton sang a song that most of us associate with a children’s poem, “Rain, Rain Go Away.” He sang these words to an imaginary sweetheart: 

I can still remember 

When you moved in next door 

I brought you some choc’late 

From the corner candy store 

When it started raining 

You started crying too 

That was the first time 

I sang this song to you 

Rain, Rain Go Away…. 

This week as I watched the news and scanned Facebook my mind went neither to Bobby Vinton or the children’s poem. My mind went to all those who were suffering destruction or devastation as the rain kept coming down as they say “in buckets.” I hope that you had an opportunity to reach out to family, friends and neighbors to check in with them, to show compassion toward those around you. 

I was also drawn to the rain and water stories we all know so well, Noah, the Psalms that celebrate the renewal that the rains bring and the parting of the Red Sea. But those are not the stories of this week – this week the rain and waters brought stories that often make us ask questions. 

Not too many days back we wondered “will this stifling heat ever end” and we said to one another “we need the rain.” Now we wonder about the rain….and then we wonder about the hurricane season of fall…and then the snow of winter. In all of my wondering and our wondering together I am thankful for God’s presence in the days that end in “Why?” God’s presence in the storms, in the calmness before and after, and in the seasons of joy is an assurance that does not end. 

Pastor Gary Weaver