Pastor’s Paragraph for September 16, 2018

Pastor's Paragraph for September 16, 2018

SEPTEMBER 16, 2018



The Weaver family has a tradition of spending a week at the beach in September. We do that for many reasons. September is cheaper (I can’t hide from that fact). Based on busy schedules, September allows for our boys to join us. We simply like September at the beach. Now our beach is Ocean City, NJ—it’s a bit calmer than many shore points—it is family-friendly—it is steeped in Methodist history.

Each year shortly after we get home we reserve next year’s date, announce it to the family and look forward to our time together for the entire next year. And every so often life hits. In late February, our son and his wife announced that their second child should be born one week after our shore week so they would not be joining us. Our soon-to-be-expected grandson will be named Isaac Warren Weaver, the name of my father, my brother and our oldest son. So…our oldest son said, “I will wait until October to travel east (from Arizona) so I can see the child who has my name.”

So, having another grandchild is a celebration and a moment of joy and having a son who wants to travel across the country to see his nephew is great, yet that leaves us alone at the beach. Family tradition? And then there is a storm, a big, impactful storm. There will be no beach time. Really….?

And then quickly and appropriately comes the reality check…there is a major, impactful storm. Next week as I sit in my rented beach house reading a book and drinking a pot of coffee, there are people filling sand bags and wondering “if there will be drinking water?” That is reality and sadly life. “Will there be drinking water?”

Please respond! The CHUM family will have many opportunities to respond generously. The bulletin will list the donations items we are seeking for cleaning kits. In connection we are called to be generous. Look for our social awareness presence. Mobilize your work places and your neighbors and be in connection with your community.

Thank you for caring and serving.

Pastor Gary Weaver