Pastor’s Paragraph for November 25, 2018

Pastor's Paragraph for November 25, 2018

NOVEMBER 25, 2018


This Sunday is the last Sunday of year!

This is the last Sunday for those who follow the Christian (Liturgical) calendar. Next Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent and the first Sunday of the Christian calendar. For many of us it is just another Sunday, for some it is named Christ the King Sunday.

On this final Sunday of the church year, Christ the King Sunday, we should take the time to remember what it means to have a crucified King who isn’t merely seeking allegiance with our lips, but desires a fundamentally different way of us being in relationship with God and with one another. At Camp Hill UMC we continue to worship a God who could forgive his executioners and minister to the thief on the cross next to him, while suffering his own unimaginable death on a cross. So the notion that this same God would cause human suffering is just plain wrong. Sometimes, terrible things just happen. Yet, Christ our King is right there with us and has committed to be in solidarity with and in our suffering.

As disciples we are called to live into the freedom that Christ provides us to love and serve our neighbors. As disciples we are called, despite the current divisions that constantly flow through our news and social media feeds, to embody the kingdom values of Jesus. As disciples we believe that Jesus Christ is King and Lord of our lives, rather than a political party’s ideals, our career ladder, our children’s achievements, or the pressure to portray ourselves as having everything together.

We have a God and King whose primary characteristic and value is love. As we say goodbye to this Christian year and enter into the season of Advent, let our value and our character reflect that of the King we follow regardless of what Sunday it is, let us just simply love one another. It really is that simple.

Pastor Gary Weaver