ULC Update November

ULC Update for November 2018

NOVEMBER 30, 2018


It has been a privilege to be a part of, and to lead, the Unified Leadership Council (ULC) since our inception this spring. As you know, in 2017 the leadership of our church decided to implement a simplified structure as a way to streamline and consolidate four groups that were providing governance for the church: the 40+ member Church Council; the Finance Committee; the Board of Trustees; and the Staff Parish Relations Committee. In the past, the challenge was coordination and consistency in decision-making between these four groups and now we are responsible for achieving that objective through this new approach.

The major objective of this structure is for the ULC to establish the mission, vision and goals for the church. Beyond that we are to provide strategic oversight and to focus on accountability for achieving them. I have been very impressed with the dedication of the ULC members and the shift in their mindsets from doing or leading, to oversight and establishing ongoing accountability for achieving Camp Hill UMC’s mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. 

Just as important, I have been very impressed by the dedication and commitment of the church staff. There is a lot of complexity and many moving parts within Camp Hill UMC and we are blessed with individuals who love to serve and honor the Lord with their talents, time and treasure. At this time of year, please make a special effort to thank our staff for their contributions whether they are serving our children, youth, families, seniors, visitors, or others beyond our walls. Please say thank you for all they do to bring glory to God through our fellowship.

Along those lines, I want to say thank you to three departing members of the ULC. In December, we will have our first group rotate off the Council and I want to thank Brad Fetrow, Rich Long and Susan Pigott for their service since the inception of the ULC, but also for their contributions in prior leadership roles. Their historical knowledge and understanding of Camp Hill UMC has been invaluable as we have been learning the breadth of our responsibilities in this new structure. Please be sure to thank them when you see them.

Finally, we want to welcome three new members of the ULC beginning officially in January. They are Kim Bedford, Jim Clahane and Steve Hetrick. They were appointed at the Church Conference on November 29th. Please take a moment to congratulate and welcome them to the new responsibility.

As we begin the Advent Season, I pray that the upcoming birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, will warm your heart and it will be a special time for fellowship with your families and other members of Camp Hill UMC.

Jon Seltenheim, Unified Leadership Council Chair & Liaison with Investment Team & Staff Evaluation Process Team