Pastor’s Paragraph for December 16, 2018

Pastor's Paragraph for December 16, 2018

DECEMBER 16, 2018


I would love to say to you this week that my mind is presently focused on the celebration of Christmas, the preparations that need to be made at Camp Hill UMC or even on the excitement of the six Christmas Eve Services that we will offer here. Yet, I can not say that as I write to you that those are the things occupying my mind.

What is occupying my mind is that this weekend will be our family Christmas—at least a part of it. This Saturday morning our youngest son, his wife and our two grandchildren will roll into the parsonage, Cindy’s mother will be with us and the excitement will begin. What will happen is the combination of the routine needs of a four year old and a ten week old and the excitement of being together. 

There will be too much food followed by the desire to take a nap. At some point there will be gifts exchanged, followed by the visiting dog playfully ripping the wrapping paper. There will be stories of old told and new stories created. There will be me showing off this year’s tree and stressing that the tree stays up with all the activity. There will be playful moments on the floor rolling around and there will be me proving that I can get off the floor. There will be a craft project or two and then placing them on the refrigerator door. There will be our granddaughter holding every piece of the nativity and telling us the story. We will talk about family that can not be with us and we will miss family that is no longer with us. 

So when I greet you on Sunday, I will be somewhere between refreshed and exhausted, smiling and gleaming, satisfied and yearning and I will have experienced a full dose of God’s love wrapped up in a full day that will overflow into our Sunday together as we worship God.

Blessings on your Advent. 

Pastor Gary Weaver
Lead Pastor