Pastor’s Paragraph for December 2, 2018

Pastor's Paragraph for December 2, 2018

DECEMBER 2, 2018


So it was cold yesterday, I mean down to the bone cold. The temperature was not that bitter, it was 36 degrees! Yet, the wind was brutal. It was a whipping, swirling, hard wind. So why would anyone willingly be outside for three hours? A hat, a scarf, gloves, flannel-lined pants, a wool coat and it was still cold, so why? All for the True Meaning of Christmas Tour.

The question has been asked in many ways for many years. We certainly understand that Christmas is about more than unwrapping presents, decorating trees, hanging lights or eating large meals. We hear the voices of children expressing that Christmas is something more. We sense there is something deeper to Christmas.

Christians believe that Christmas is about closeness. Christmas is a celebration of God coming close to humanity in the presence of Jesus. So we celebrate by coming close to friends, loved ones…and even those who we tend to hold at a distance much of the year. At Christmas time, many people offer their time to serve close to others, to connect in special ways with friends and family, and to provide others with a feeling of belonging. 

The larger United Methodist Church hit the road this year after Thanksgiving to provide a sense of closeness. The True Meaning of Christmas Tour is traveling over 4,000 miles, coming to 11 cities over the course of 23 days. At each stop, they are offering the chance for people to come close together and unwrap the true meaning of Christmas. Camp Hill UMC is thankful that we were asked to be the community church that connected with the denomination to serve in this way.

So on Wednesday afternoon, volunteers from Camp Hill UMC braved the cold outside the Capital City Mall and shared smiles and conversations with a lot of people and oh my did we share a lot of cups of hot cocoa! We invited folk to Camp Hill UMC’s Christmas Eve Services and while drinking cocoa some dared the cold to make cards for us to send to the Children’s Hospital in Hershey. To our volunteers, thank you! #unwrapchristmas

Pastor Gary Weaver