The Philadelphia Project Blitz Weekend

The Philadelphia Project Blitz Weekend 2018

DECEMBER 7, 2018


Hey there! I’m Kayt, the Director of Student Ministry! I’ve been in this position for only a year and a half, and let me tell you, Camp Hill UMC is home to some absolutely INCREDIBLE middle and high school students. We just returned from a “Blitz” weekend with The Philadelphia Project. The Philly Project has been in ministry for eight years on Ridge Avenue located just outside of the city itself. They seek holistic service in regards to their community–they actively “involve youth in meeting people’s physical, spiritual, emotional, and social needs. [The Philly Project team] encourages teenagers to share the love of God through their actions and when possible, their words.” We are simply in awe of all the work God is doing in Philly and all he did in OUR hearts and minds this weekend.

Camp Hill UMC took 15 students ranging from 8th to 12th grade, and four adult leaders. We were divided into three different work teams for Saturday. The first team were set on the task of assisting the host church in preparing for major renovations in the lower level. The church hosts many of The Project’s volunteers throughout the year. While this team was faced with some difficult and extremely dusty work, not ONE of the students complained. They did take a quick break to try on some Christmas costumes though…

The Philadelphia Project holds a Christmas Tree sale every December to raise extra funds for the organization, and four of our ladies took on the task of helping local families choose their perfect tree. They too, did an incredible job, and from what I’m told, brought a LOT of smiles to faces as they created evergreen crowns from some of the dropped limbs!

The third group of us packed 62 brown paper bag meals (including some pasta fagioli, cookies, apple slices, and a bottled water), packed the meals in various backpacks, bags, and boxes, and took the bus down to the Comcast Center in Center City. We proceeded down into the subway below the building to hand out the meals. It wasn’t long before the meals were gone, but there were some life-changing conversations held in that next hour and a half. Three of our ladies spent an hour talking with Devan. It was SUCH a beautiful thing to see these ladies sitting on the floor simply listening to Devan’s story.

I was blessed to see yet another piece of Jesus’ heart shining through our students later that day, even after we were done with our service projects. Unbeknownst to me, a student from the other church was having a particularly difficult time and was struggling to connect with some of his own group. Several of our students reached out to him to talk with him and pray for him; they shared this story with me later when we were back in our own space. We invested more time in prayer for this young man and for his group.

If you happen to know or see one of the students in the pictures, please, please ask them about their experience. You won’t regret it.

evergreen crowns

Kayt Hughes
Director of Student Ministries