January 2019 EMBRACE Highlight

January 2019 EMBRACE Highlight

JANUARY 1, 2019


When you give to Camp Hill UMC’s one-fund for ministry, you are embracing God’s vision of embracing children’s ministries!

How, you ask?

Because of the EMBRACE Initiative, we have just been able to finish installing new carpet, following asbestos remediation, in several of our Sunday School classrooms! The most recent payments toward this carpet and remediation totaled $34,850! We invite you to continue giving in 2019 to support the ongoing renovation work, which we pray will include fresh paint in several classrooms!

Thank you!

Each Sunday, Camp Hill UMC staff and congregation members come alongside over 120 kids, as their hearts grow in love for God! These classrooms are also used for weekday preschool and will be used for Kidz Kamp over the summer! So, over the course of the year, literally hundreds of children are welcomed into these areas! We are so excited that these renovations will enable current families and those who are not here yet to grow in confidence leaving their children in our care in a hospitable, calm, safe environment for sacred learning! 

2019 Camp Hill UMC Unified Goals

The Unified Leadership Council has been hard at work, sharing in town hall discussion with the congregation, retreating, praying, and ultimately setting goals for the year 2019 that are driving our process of developing a plan for funding 2019 ministry, setting dates on the 2019 calendar, and our prayer life! We would like to invite you to pray over the goals for 2019, as well!

The goals are:

1. Increase participation of new people in outreach missions and internal ministry opportunities by 10%.

2. Develop and implement a path for adult discipleship.

3. Develop and implement a communication plan to maximize congregational understanding.

4. Achieve attendance increase to 600 on average per week.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these goals, please contact Pastor Gary, Pastor Anna, or any ULC member (camphillumc.org/ulc/).  

Thank you for keeping these goals in prayer, as we unite as a congregation to work together toward achieving them. We are excited about what God has yet to do in and through us for the rest of the year and in 2019!