Pastor's Paragraph for January 20, 2019

JANUARY 20, 2019


Where did my morning go? Where did this week go? Where did this month go? Why does time, in some situations, go so fast? On any given day I can look back at the fullness of the day and list the events, but not every day can I list the small things that can make a difference.

Not every day do I notice the dedication and spirit of the crossing walk guards outside Cedar Cliff High School. Not every day do I notice the father of two playing the board game, Candy Land, with his children while he drinks his coffee at Cornerstone Coffee. Not every day do I listen intently to a friend talk, with joy, about international mission work.

Not every day do I witness the authentic fellowship of seniors who long to be connected. Not every day do I get to greet the mail carrier who is braving the cold. Not every day do I get to smell the fresh baked smell of a bakery. Not every day do I get to be with concerned people who are in prayer and conversation.

Not every day, but today I did and I am thankful. Thankful that today I noticed, thankful that these small things stood out to me, thankful that God called my attention.

What is God calling your attention to this day? What is our all-loving God opening your senses to today? What small things are you missing that need to be seen, appreciated and prayed over today? I don’t believe it is a matter of opening your eyes, although that may help. Seeing the details of this day can only be done when you open your heart.

Take a chance that there will be things today that only God can allow you to see and experience. See with your heart and thank God.


Gary Weaver
Lead Pastor