Pastor's Paragraph for March 3, 2019

MARCH 3, 2019


The Rev. J.R. Briggs spoke through simulcast to both of our worship services this past Sunday, February 24th. The Rev. Briggs is a writer, church planting coach and former pastor in the Philadelphia area. Those attending the 2019 Men’s Retreat will be blessed to have J.R. speaking to them for the entire weekend of April 15th-17th.

His topic this past Sunday was “Discipleship: Feeling Right at Home,” a lead-in to the Retreat topic—“Discipleship at Home.” 

He said one thing about discipleship at home that caught my attention: “It’s not what is taught as much as it is what is caught.” How true that is! Our children and grandchildren learn so much from what they witness in our words and actions! Those words and actions become their Christian faith! They become what John Wesley called prevenient grace in the lives of our loved ones. They are touched powerfully by our words and actions, and these things are the beginnings of our discipleship at home. 

My parents never missed an event of which we were a part. My dad never missed a little league or teener league game. He became as involved in Boy Scouts as we were, serving as assistant cook for our summer camp for more than ten years. Mom and dad were always present at our band concerts and other musical events. We children never had to deal with foul language or abuse of any kind. We were emphatically the most important concern in their eyes, and they went to any length to prove that! This included making certain that we were all active participants in the life of Park Street E.U.B. Church, which was one block from our house in the hill section of Harrisburg. 

We caught a lot from our parents, and to this day we are extremely grateful for their legacy! What a joy it has been for Shirley and I to be able to share this same kind of legacy with our children and grandchildren. We hope they are catching a lot from us.

And we hope your loved ones are catching a lot from you—lots of love, lots of words of wisdom, lots of exemplary true-to-life examples, and lots of examples of what it means to call Jesus Savior and Lord. All of these things are the greatest gifts you can share with those who are nearest and dearest to you. It’s all of what J.R. Briggs was talking about when he shared with us his examples of discipleship at home.


Pastor Jack Grove
Minister of New Members