Panguma Travel Team UPDATE

Panguma Travel Team UPDATE

APRIL 30, 2019

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Every morning and evening, Chef Alpha, has prepared our meals. He has taken such good care of us! He is kind, and so concerned that we have all that we need. His wonderful care has assured our good health. He is the chef to the Vice President of Sierra Leona! Somehow, the gracious Elizabeth Ndoeka was able to persuade the VP to lend him to us! We have been so blessed!

The Boy Scouts were gathered outside today before breakfast, and Bob Sturman decided to join them. We’ve been privileged to have them at special ceremonies this week. It is wonderful to have this active scout group in Panguma. God is at work in the good example that they bring to the other children in the village.

We met with Dr. Wai today at the hospital. He arranged a tour of the hospital for those of us who’ve not been there before. Edwina Kelley Mowery, Pastor Gary Weaver, Bob Sturman, and I were so impressed with the level of care that patients get here, even though they are in need of newer equipment. God is so good!

After a busy day, we were all headed in to dinner and I looked up at this beautiful mountain. God certainly makes his presence known here. We see God in the faces of these children, in their concern for us, the love that we feel from the community, and in so many other ways. As we prepare to leave Panguma tomorrow morning to begin our journey home, we will all be leaving a part of our hearts here. Please keep us all in prayer as we make our way to Central Pennsylvania. We’ve missed you!

Written by: Christina Eyre Wilcox

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