2019 Panguma Scholarship Campaign – Christopher’s Story

2019 Panguma Scholarship Campaign - Christopher's Story

MAY 28, 2019

This is Christopher Yopoi. He is 14 years old. I met him four years ago on my first trip to Panguma. He was raised in a Muslim home and he could not speak English. He would show up everywhere we traveled and he would just stare at me. He had someone write me a note asking for food and his interest in going to school. I decided to buy his family food. On my second trip, he was on the front line of the welcome committee. I set up a meeting with his parents and asked if I could put him in the UMC school and they agreed. Chris had limited education, he took tutoring class to catch up. He’s been a student for three years. He now speaks English very well and even translates for his parents. Last year he gave his life to Christ and was baptized. I’m very proud of the young man he’s becoming.

Marsha Banks
2019 Panguma Travel Team Member 


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• Pray for the children and teachers of Panguma.

Education is the Key to Ending the Cycle of Poverty.