May 2019 EMBRACE Highlight

May 2019 EMBRACE Highlight

MAY 1, 2019


Thank you to Camp Hill UMC! It is amazing what God can do when people who love God and love each other come together, sacrificing greatly and pursuing vision-driven goals with joy, passion, and energy! The leaders in this faith community have felt your sacrifice and are grateful for your willingness to work and give together to support a variety of missional priorities—even and especially when they may not be personal priorities. We truly believe and have seen that when we come together to work toward goals that seem initially out of reach, that God can and does work miracles. Over the past two years, our children’s ministry has grown, our hospitality ministry has enabled more and more people to become connected with Christ, we have launched two ongoing Fresh Expressions of Church to reach out to friends and strangers who likely will never enter the halls of traditional church, we have paid down over $100,000 of debt, working toward financial freedom, and we have had the great privilege of ministering alongside growing numbers of youth and young adults—all while contributing thousands of dollars in giving to mission partners and continuing to fund the daily ministry of the church. None of this would have been possible without YOU! Let’s keep dreaming and sharing so that God’s dreams continue to become reality! What next vision might God be asking us at Camp Hill UMC to embrace? 

2019 Camp Hill UMC Unified Goals

The Unified Leadership Council has been hard at work, sharing in town hall discussion with the congregation, retreating, praying, and ultimately setting goals for the year 2019 that are driving our process of developing a plan for funding 2019 ministry, setting dates on the 2019 calendar, and our prayer life! We would like to invite you to pray over the goals for 2019, as well!

The goals are:

1. Increase participation of new people in outreach missions and internal ministry opportunities by 10%.

2. Develop and implement a path for adult discipleship.

3. Develop and implement a communication plan to maximize congregational understanding.

4. Achieve attendance increase to 600 on average per week.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these goals, please contact Pastor Gary, Pastor Anna, or any ULC member (  

Thank you for keeping these goals in prayer, as we unite as a congregation to work together toward achieving them. We are excited about what God has yet to do in and through us for the rest of the year and in 2019!