Pastor’s Paragraph for May 12, 2019

Pastor's Paragraph for May 12, 2019

MAY 12, 2019


As you leave Freetown in Sierra Leone (West Africa) and head east you travel 226 miles by car to get yourself to Panguma and along the way you will find yourself on what some would call a “road less traveled.” It is reported that this trip by plane would take you less than 20 minutes, by helicopter just over an hour, if you were a pigeon—three hours and twenty minutes. Yet, it took us over six hours.

The journey is worth every mile and every minute. As the vehicle strategically takes advantage of the smooth roads and cautiously avoids the larger pot holes on the dirt roads, you find your head swaying back and forth not so much because of the road conditions but because of what God is allowing you to see on both sides of the road.

And then you arrive, greeted by hundreds upon hundreds of strangers who, within minutes, become friends and family. The greeting to your second home is so strong that you do not notice the heat, the dust or that fact that you are half way around God’s creation. The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Psalm 19:1

During your full days, that run into each other, you find yourself in spaces and with people that are both physically foreign and somehow spiritually familiar as you find yourself in God’s Kingdom work together. You are both a steward of God’s work and a vessel of God’s hope. 

This Sunday morning you are being invited to be a part of that work and hope, which is often called Team Panguma. Your invitation includes a step toward educating children and therefore a community. Great things are being done at the Lower Bumbara schools in Panguma because of Camp Hill UMC’s Panguma Scholarship Campaign. I pray this week that each person and family at Camp Hill UMC considers sponsoring a child’s education.

In this Easter Season keep your soul connected to the spirited voice that declares, “Christ Is Risen.”


Pastor Gary Weaver
Lead Pastor