Pastor’s Paragraph for May 19, 2019

Pastor's Paragraph for May 19, 2019

MAY 19, 2019


I can still remember—the weight of the hands of my pastor mother, my father, my mentor, our associate pastor, and my fellow confirmand friends, all gathered around me—pressing down on my head, as they prayed prayers of affirmation and hope over me at my confirmation when I was about 13 years old. The weight felt heavy—a powerful symbol of the true gravitas of the moment when I declared to the world my belief that God’s grace had always been working in and through my life and my trust that God’s grace would continue to be poured out, as I surrendered to God’s will for my future. The weight also felt comforting—almost like the protection of a cocoon—before it lifted, and I rose up to emerge in the world freshly committed to live as a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ. Each of the people whose hands blessed me have continued in a variety of ways to impact my faith over the years.

Today, one young woman will be baptized in the 9:30am New Life Service, four young people will be baptized in the 11:00am New Life Service, and twelve young people will be confirming their faith. Each of them has shared in a long process of prayer and discernment with family members and mentors. As these disciples of Jesus Christ now emerge from a process of cocooning, they continue to need us to walk alongside of them on the still-unfolding journey of faith—just as Jesus walked with his disciples along the road to Emmaus after his own resurrection. What greater privilege could we have, as a congregation, then to continue to bless these beloved young people with our prayers, our presence, our gifts, our service, and our witness? Let’s keep intentionally walking with them, and as we do this, we continue each day to confirm our own faith in the God who is even right now, touching our lives—and theirs—with grace. 


Pastor Anna Layman Knox
Lead Associate Pastor