Special Announcement for May 18, 2019

Special Announcement for May 18, 2019

MAY 18, 2019


Dear CHUM family,

I’m writing this to y’all today feeling lots of feelings, but above all else, I feel blessed!

Seven years ago, I prayed for God to place a church in our path. A church that would surround us, welcome us and walk alongside us in life. A church where we could learn about Jesus, grow through Jesus and be like Jesus. A church that felt like a home. One regular, ordinary day I walked in the doors, which I had walked so many times before for various reasons and activities, and had an overwhelming feeling of being home. That day I ran into Jenny and then Sandy and then Nancy. I thought, wow, I want to be part of THIS family of believers. That Sunday I decided we were all going to CHUM. So we got up, dressed, and all loaded into the car. I turned the key and nothing happened. No noise, no engine sounds, a big ol nada! I remember a brief thought of, oh well I tried, start to form and then looked upward and said, no way, not today, not today Satan and the car started and off we went! From that day on, this place has been our home and all of you, our beloved family. And I felt blessed!

I was so grateful for answered prayers that I openly asked God to show me where he wanted me and I would obey and follow. I was led straight to Jenny Robeson and followed every path that I was led to. Her heart for Jesus is so big and bright and I wanted to know what she knew, serve like she served, and love like she loves. So I started volunteering and faithfully saying yes to whatever was asked of me and the blessings followed. From deep rooted friendships to surrounding my children with beloved disciples who would care for us and take care of us. My children feel safe and loved within these walls and with this staff and for that we are abundantly grateful and blessed!

I have had the honor of being the Children’s Ministry Assistant and Nursery Director for the past two years. I want to thank you all for allowing me to serve your families and love your littlest ones. Thank you for trusting me and supporting me! This position has brought more joy to my soul and love to my heart than I have words to describe. As of August 1st I will be taking a gentle step to the side and away from this position. My hope is to still be very present in serving your families on Sunday mornings and the children’s ministry as a volunteer.

THANK YOU for all the love, support, and faith you’ve shown me over the years!

Love and blessings,


Kelly Shatzer
Assistant to the Children’s Ministry and Nursery Director