Stories of Embrace – Dinner Church

Stories of Embrace - Dinner Church

MAY 6, 2019

After finding Camp Hill UMC, we thought our faith-life was set on the right track. We planned to get involved with the church as much as we could, attend worship on Sundays, learn more about Jesus, build relationships, raise a family,and live happily ever after (God-willing). God quickly showed us how little faith that life would require of us and we began to feel God pull our hearts in a different direction.

We’ve been attending Camp Hill UMC for a little over three years now. As much as we love building relationships here and serving in the church, we feel God is telling us that everyone we’re surrounded by already knows Him, and we need to step outside the church walls and our comfort zone.

It took God a full year of convicting our hearts before we realized He didn’t place us in Camp Hill to just attend this church, but to also seek out the lost and to truly love our neighbors. Within that year we were introduced to a new form of church called, Dinner Church. Dinner church is simple. It’s is a place where the community can gather at an abundant table, eat a meal together, and share stories about Jesus.

Dinner Church does fill a basic need for the poor in a community with a free meal. Many people think Camp Hill is well off, but there is need here and we see it. We see it in the Backpack Program, Kidz Kamp, and just by living in the borough. Dinner church is not just for the poor in the community, because it’s more than a soup kitchen. It is also for people who don’t feel comfortable walking in the doors of our church, whether they’ve been hurt by the church, don’t feel like they would fit in, or just simply don’t believe there’s a God.

We are grateful that the generosity of the church is funding training and helping to launch this new fresh expression of church.

We want our marriage and family to exist for God’s glory. To magnify the truth and beauty and greatness of God. What better way to do that, than surrounding ourselves with people who don’t know Jesus yet? If you are looking for a way to serve the community of Camp Hill or a way to serve with your family, come talk to us. Every day we pray Luke 10:2, and Ask the Lord of the harvest to send out workers for his Dinner Church.

Whether dinner church is for you or not, please come find us and pray over us in person, no matter where we are. Pray for our hearts to stay steadfast, pray that we don’t let pride take over, and pray that people will see God through us.

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-Lonnie & Leslie Petersheim