Ndoeka Visit

Ndoeka Visit

JUNE 18, 2019

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What a wonderful weekend at Camp Hill UMC, at the same time volunteers and staff were busy setting up for ROAR, an African-themed Vacation Bible School, the Panguma Travel Teams were having a blast hosting honored guests, one who traveled all the way from Sierra Leone just days ago! Elizabeth Ndoeka, who lives most of the year in Freetown, SL, has been to Camp Hill about ten times, but always with her husband Amadu Senior, who passed away in March 2018. This was her first visit without him. Traveling with her was her son, Amadu Ndoeka Junior, who lives year-round in New Jersey. This was his very first-time visiting Camp Hill UMC! 

Elizabeth and Amadu are more than friends, they feel like family to those who have traveled to Panguma, SL! God used Elizabeth and Amadu Senior to build a connection with Fred Clark and Camp Hill UMC. They extended a gracious invitation to host a mission team in 2009 and Camp Hill UMC sent it’s first Travel Team to Panguma in 2010. Elizabeth continues to host each team and helps keep travelers healthy year after year. Amadu Junior was in Panguma for much of the last trip and feels like part of the team! Elizabeth arrived in the U.S. on June 10th and they wanted to be in Camp Hill for their first Sunday worship as Jesus Christ is the center of our relationship and this partnership with Panguma.

As you will see in the pictures below, there was a warm welcome at Mark Vickrey’s shop, Blooms by Vickrey, because the team gave Elizabeth a gift certificate as incentive to visit and it worked! We had great food and conversation at Cornerstone Coffee, a quintessentially Camp Hill experience and took a tour of our church before some rest, as jetlag and a four-hour time difference took its toll. Saturday night we had a meal turn into an event with a private room at Thea’s and a group of thirteen. The fellowship was rich, the laughter was loud, and God’s spirit was certainly among us. If you missed Sunday morning, Father’s Day worship, Elizabeth and Amadu were introduced in all four services and offered praise to God and gratitude to Camp Hill UMC. Our wonderful music staff led us in singing a West African praise song entitled “Tenki”, which in creole means “thank you”. We all did our best and are grateful that the scriptures encourage a “joyful noise”. We closed with a meal on the river at Duke’s, however we did not say “goodbye”, just “see you later”, because we know the Lord will continue this partnership into the future!

In fact, we are already planning the next mission experience to Panguma, Sierra Leone for March 2-13, 2020, this will be our Ten-Year Anniversary of ministry together and possibly the dedication of the Panguma Community Market, which will be a God-glorifying memorial to the work of Amadu Ndoeka Sr. as well. Please contact Drew Robeson at drobeson@camphillumc.org if you are interested in joining the team or learning more. To God be the glory.