Pastor’s Paragraph for June 16, 2019

Pastor's Paragraph for June 16, 2019

JUNE 16, 2019


Today we celebrate Father’s Day—a day to give thanks for the parenthood of God—the nurture, steadfastness, and forgiveness that is perpetually offered to us all at no price. 

This is also a day when Simon and I share gratitude for the life our fathers have given to us—and for the opportunity that we have had to parent our son, Dominic. On days that are filled with growth and joy and on days that are filled with struggle and pain, all of these relationships—human and divine—are transformational. And so, this is a day when we also reflect on our prayerful desire to have more children. Many of you know that several years ago I underwent surgery because of a medical condition that inhibits my ability to have biological children. Clearly, that surgery did not quite answer our prayers. And so, at the end of June, I will undergo a second surgery to address similar issues. I will be out of commission for approximately 10 days, if all goes well. I am deeply grateful to Bishop Irons and Andrew Brisbin who will lead worship in my absence—and to all of our amazing pastors and staff, who never fail to give their all, to share in building God’s kingdom together! 

Having gone through a similar surgery before, I can confidently say that I will not be in a state to welcome visitors with my usual joy. However, I do deeply appreciate your prayers. 

As I share about such particular pain, I also would like to share my awareness that many different types of pain are being experienced in our congregation in this season. And so, as I prepare to be away from you physically for a short time, I very much want you to know that I remain with you in spirit and that I am committed to walking alongside of you, as your pastor, no matter how our views may differ or mesh. Together, we are nothing less than the body of Christ, a body which knows well the experience of pain. And so, I believe, as Christ has shown us, that if we continue to join together in authentic relationship with each part of the body, that nothing less than resurrection life will be born. I pray this for all of us with gratitude for the love of this community and the parent love of God for us all.

Grace & peace to you, 


Rev. Anna Layman Knox
Lead Associate Pastor