July 2019 ONE-FUND Highlight

July 2019 ONE-FUND Highlight

JULY 1, 2019

Whoever has a bountiful eye will be blessed, for they share their bread with the poor.

These words from Proverbs 22:9 reflect in many ways how Camp Hill United Methodist Church lives out our faith in the community. Many people live in a spiritual place of deficit, believing that there is only so much to go around—and if you do not get yours, someone else will. It is nearly impossible to see the world that way and be a generous person.

However, if you live with a “bountiful eye” that sees the world ruled by a magnanimous God who “owns the cattle on a thousand hills” (Psalm 50:10), you are more apt to be open-handed with the resources you have in your life. Living with a “bountiful eye” is the ability to see the smallest of places that God has touched and the grandeur of God. So often in our monthly One-Fund Highlight we focus on highlighting the grandeur of God. We illustrate that the One-Fund giving supports and makes possible those ministries that often receive public attention, those ministries that attract large numbers of participants and those ministries of which we are most humbly proud. Yet, a “bountiful eye” also sees the smallest of places where God is present.

One-Fund giving also supports those small places such as lawn and shrubbery care, real estate taxes, choir robe cleaning, and post church cake receptions just to lift up a few. One-Fund giving allows each of us to understand that the purpose of giving is the need of a Christ-follower to be generous and in giving we consider our relationship with God.

2019 Camp Hill UMC Unified Goals

The Unified Leadership Council has been hard at work, sharing in town hall discussion with the congregation, retreating, praying, and ultimately setting goals for the year 2019 that are driving our process of developing a plan for funding 2019 ministry, setting dates on the 2019 calendar, and our prayer life! We would like to invite you to pray over the goals for 2019, as well!

The goals are:

1. Increase participation of new people in outreach missions and internal ministry opportunities by 10%.

2. Develop and implement a path for adult discipleship.

3. Develop and implement a communication plan to maximize congregational understanding.

4. Achieve attendance increase to 600 on average per week.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these goals, please contact Pastor Gary, Pastor Anna, or any ULC member (camphillumc.org/ulc/).  

Thank you for keeping these goals in prayer, as we unite as a congregation to work together toward achieving them. We are excited about what God has yet to do in and through us in 2019!