Pastor’s Paragraph for July 14, 2019

Pastor's Paragraph for July 14, 2019

JULY 14, 2019


In New Life worship this summer, it has felt like the “summer of baptism!” Since we kicked off this season in May, we have had the joy of sharing in the baptism of seven students, two adults, and one baby! We will be sharing in the baptism of two more beautiful babies next Sunday, as well. 

Baptism consistently reminds us that we are all gifted with new birth through water and the Spirit and that we share this new birth in the context of a community of faith that blesses our lives with its prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness. 

As I have weathered this recent season of surgery to address infertility, I am reminded that these gifts truly are for all of us—and that we all have a role to play in blessing others with these gifts of grace, as well.  

I am deeply grateful for the way this community of faith has cared for me and my family during this season of pain and healing. You truly have lived, as the body of Christ, through the sharing of meals and prayers. You have sent notes and pictures of encouragement. You have reminded me daily that God is here—wherever ‘here’ is for us—a recovery bed, a desk chair, a church pew, or a beach blanket.

And also, that there is never a moment —even when bedridden—that we cannot participate in building up the kingdom of God, right where we are. Times of recovery are excellent times for prayer. So, know that you have been in my prayers over the past few weeks, as well. I pray that as we continue to be knit together by God’s Spirit, as a community, that much beautiful new life will continue to be born.

Grace and peace to you,


Rev. Anna Layman Knox
Lead Associate Pastor