Pastor’s Paragraph for August 11, 2019

Pastor's Paragraph for August 11, 2019

AUGUST 11, 2019


Last week, my family and I spent time at Silver Bay, a YMCA Conference and Family Retreat Center on Lake George. It is one of my favorite places—partly because there, I always experience the gifts of seeing things differently and trying new things.

Revelation 21:5 says—“Look! I’m making all things new,” an echo from long before when the book of Isaiah says, “Look! I’m doing a new thing….” This, to me, is the work of God that we are invited to share. It can be risky and difficult—often trying our patience and testing our trust, but I inevitably find that the risk, in the end, brings life that never could have been experienced otherwise.

This year, my brother and I decided together to try out the Silver Bay craft shop’s stained glass station. It looked fairly easy—as most things do, in the hands of artists. It’s not. It requires selecting glass, tracing, cutting, grinding—which takes forever, if you didn’t cut correctly, like some of us—taping, wetting, soldering. It takes a while, it turns out, to make a cross. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

As we prepare in August for a new season in the fall, what new thing might God be inviting you to share in? Perhaps it’s Upward Flag Football refereeing or a Life Group. Maybe it’s going on the Mexico Mission Trip or serving at Mission Central. Let’s all take a moment today to ask God what might bring us and the world greater life—no matter the risk.

Grace and peace to you,


Rev. Anna Layman Knox
Lead Associate Pastor