Pastor’s Paragraph for September 15, 2019

Pastor's Paragraph for September 15, 2019

SEPTEMBER 15, 2019


Thank you so much for the opportunity and privilege of serving among and with you at Camp Hill UMC. In early December 2003 I began full-time as Director of Caring Ministry. Then at the beginning of 2011 I transitioned to half-time as Minister of Visitation, while Marty Willard and now Pastor Sharon cared for homebound members and the Senior/55Plus luncheons.

It’s been an opportunity I never expected, but Jan and I and some dear friends had prayed about possible vocational change that might involve more direct church ministry. Even though our church experiences had been with the Christian & Missionary Alliance and Brethren in Christ, Camp Hill’s Methodists were willing to include an “outsider” on their pastoral staff.

I’m reminded of David’s words in Psalm 18—

As for God, his way is perfect;

    the  Lord’s word is tried and true.

And who is the Rock except our God?  [30&31]

Jan pointed these out to me many years ago, and we’ve counted on them being true for our lives right up to today. So in countless rooms of hospitals and care facilities, at Camp Hill UMC and in your homes, and on almost 200 funeral and memorial occasions, I trust that the Holy Spirit has brought to reality for you and others these promises from Psalm 18.

At Harrisburg Hospital in late August, I visited with a young mother who was in the midst of a difficult situation (it’s much better now). Before driving over that day, I was debating the timing of my visit, wishing I’d gone earlier and not so close to lunch hour. As we ended our time together, she mentioned that she’d been feeling lonely and prayed for some company—maybe five minutes before I knocked on her door! As I’ve witnessed often over these almost 16 years—God’s timing is excellent and Psalm 18 is rock-solid true.


Rev. Jon Uhlinger

Minister of Visitation