Pastor’s Paragraph for October 6, 2019

Pastor's Paragraph for October 6, 2019

OCTOBER 6, 2019


I am in one of those seasons. It is a season that within the midst of volumes of vocational activity and volumes of demands I am finding joy. One of many joys is that I am entering into a teaching time with Lea Grove. Lea, who worships in New Life, and I are leading an eight-week Introduction to Spiritual Disciplines offering on Tuesday evenings. Together, we as a class, are taking a look at several spiritual disciplines that aid our path in knowing God in a deeper, more profound way. Within the Camp Hill UMC Discipleship Cycle this would be for many a BEING place. A place where we deepen our relationship with a transformative God.

Another place of seasonal joy that I am anticipating is the celebration of World Communion Sunday. This Sunday, The United Methodist Church celebrates World Communion Sunday with congregations all over the globe. Followers of Jesus Christ in large churches and small, on farms and in cities, in ornate buildings and under tents, gather to receive the bread and cup of Holy Communion.

Some will receive cubes of bread. Some will tear from a common loaf. Some will receive a wafer. Some will drink from a common chalice. Some will dip a piece of bread into the cup. Some will have  individual glasses. Some will use wine, some juice. Some will offer both. Pastors will lead a variety of liturgies, in many languages. Clergy will dress traditionally, formally and casually.

Despite the differences in our denominations and traditions, we celebrate our unity in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Come to church this World Communion day prepared to participate in the life-giving sacrament of Holy Communion. As you receive the bread and cup, remember that you are part of the Church Universal, united in Christ across time and space.


Rev. Dr. Gary Weaver

Lead Pastor