Pastor’s Paragraph for December 1, 2019

Pastor's Paragraph for December 1, 2019

DECEMBER 1, 2019


In this season of celebration, we often, and rightfully so, think of our family. Coupled with gratitude for family, friends serve an important role in our lives. 

I think of the four friends that brought the paralyzed man to Jesus. Reading the account in Luke 5:17-26, we realize it was not an easy task. Facing multiple obstacles, these four friends could have settled for good intentions. Instead, they were persistent and creative, overcoming the obstacles they faced to place their friend in front of Jesus. 

Earlier this week, Anne and I shared dinner with two wonderful couples that we deeply respect and with whom we have shared significant life experiences. We talked at length following our meal about how important friendship truly is. Even as I write this note, Anne is playing “Friends are Friends Forever” on the keyboard. She has no idea I am writing this and it brings a smile to my face. 

Jesus told his followers, “I no longer call you servants..but friends, for everything I have learned from my Father I have made known to you.” John 15:15.

In talking about the blessings of the Lord, friends are near the top of the list. I thank God for patient, honest, compassionate and loving friends. We have laughed with our friends, sorrowed with our friends, stood along with our friends in the high and low experiences of life. Maybe during this season of celebration, we will let our friends know how much we love, respect, and appreciate them. Friendship is truly a beautiful gift from the Lord!


Rev. Dr. Stephen Gallaher

Associate Teaching Minister