Pastor’s Paragraph for November 10, 2019

Pastor's Paragraph for November 10, 2019

NOVEMBER 10, 2019


Today, we celebrate the first Sunday of a new stewardship campaign, All You Can, based on author and pastor James A. Harnish’s book, Earn. Save. Give.: Wesley’s Simple Rules for Money! Sometimes, folks want to run for the hills when this season rolls around, but truly, as I’ve been reading through the Earn. Save. Give. study over the past few weeks, I am excited to be back from leave and exploring these practical subjects together. 

At various points in our lives, we all earn money, save money, and give money—there’s just no escaping it, and I think, we all desperately want to know that we are doing what is faithful in all three of those areas. It’s just really difficult sometimes to determine what is faithful—for us. 

What does it mean for me to earn—all I can? What does it mean for me to save—all I can? And what does it mean for me to give—all I can? It’s difficult partly because no one else can answer these questions for us. The questions instead invite us into intentional times of discernment—looking to scripture, conversing with other friends who are also grappling with these questions, and spending time in prayer. 

John Wesley, who was the instigator of the Methodist movement, wrestled mightily with these subjects, as did, of course, Jesus, and so faith giants have entered this arena long before our arrival. They have prepared a way for us to talk and listen openly about money without fear of judgment, or embarrassment, or inadequacy. We all have gifts to offer—our wrestling is not about comparing ourselves with others. It’s about doing all we can to grow in our relationship with God, and getting to celebrate what happens when that growth impacts our earning, saving, and giving. 

So, far from dreading this season, I am looking forward with great anticipation to celebrating what God has been doing in and through your lives, as we all go on this journey of discernment and growth together!

Grace and peace to you,


Rev. Anna Layman Knox

Lead Associate Pastor