Pastor’s Paragraph for December 8, 2019

Pastor's Paragraph for December 8, 2019

DECEMBER 8, 2019


Year to year things remain the same. Year to year at our home we amass the Christmas cards until Christmas Day when we open them up. Year to year sitting in our home is the Nativity that my mother bought me in 1972. Year to year we decorate with a few, now vintage, “gems” that our two sons made in elementary school.

Year to year what has not remained the same is the tree. In our 37 years together the tree has taken on many forms and fashions – handmade victorian decorations, all white, all red, colored lights, white lights. Then there is this year…..

As I am writing I can look into the living room and see what might be the most beautiful tree we have ever had in our home. Now this tree will not win even one decorating award except that award that grandparents bestow upon their grandchildren. For two days construction paper was cut, reindeer-like forms were made and glitter glue abounded (I didn’t even know glitter glue was a thing). All the tree ornaments are hanging only as high as a five-year-old can reach and a gifted scarf is helping to “keep her warm.”

Even with this year’s decorating change in our home, I can still state that “year to year things remain the same.” The never changing, simple yet powerful love of our God in this season is what I hope for you and for all those who are dear to your heart. At our 2:30 pm Christmas Eve service, I will quote a poem that became a song whose final lines speak to what we all desire:

Everywhere, everywhere, Christmas tonight.

For the Christ child who comes is master of all,

No palace too great, or cottage too small,

Everywhere, everywhere, Christmas tonight.

Among all the changes of this year, this season and maybe this day know that your “Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth.” (Isaiah 40:28).


Rev. Dr. Gary Weaver

Lead Pastor