Philly Blitz 2019

Philly Blitz 2019

DECEMBER 17, 2019


Christmas is upon us! Our church does some incredible outreach all year long and the month of December is no exception. Twelve of our middle and high school students and four leaders participated in a “Blitz” weekend with The Philadelphia Project December 6th through 8th. The Philly Project has been in ministry for eight years on Ridge Avenue located just outside of the city itself. They seek holistic service in regards to their community– they actively “involve youth in meeting people’s physical, spiritual, emotional, and social needs. [The Philly Project team] encourages teenagers to share the love of God through their actions and when possible, their words.” We are simply in awe of all the work God is doing in Philly and all God did in OUR hearts and minds this weekend.

We were divided into two different work teams for Saturday. The first team completed two projects: in the morning, we assisted in sorting and dating large donations that had recently come into Roxborough Church’s food pantry. In the afternoon, this group visited a long-term member of the congregation to gift her and her daughters with a new kitchen table. This sounds like an oh-so-simple task, and truly, it is. However, our team was incredibly blessed to invest the entire afternoon with this wonderful woman and her daughters and share in the first meal over the table together!

The second group traveled a few miles away to Share Food Program to assist in packing boxes. We were just a few of many who gathered to pack these boxes- we had a blast packing along with a group from Temple University and several local families. Our large team all together packed over 400 boxes that will be sent out to low-income families and the elderly. Each box weighs approximately 30 pounds when full!

The Philadelphia Project’s theme this year centered around “I AM.” Pastor Ray, the lead pastor at Roxborough Church and TPP’s executive director, shared a message with us Friday evening about finding our image in God and finding our image in who God created us to be. Each year, the Blitz weekends offer a covenant service on Saturday night, giving students an opportunity to make new steps in our faith. Students were given the opportunity to take the junk they have been carrying in their hearts and minds and literally nail them to a cross. The junk is anything from the hurtful and painful words spoken by another, to the lies we’ve believed about ourselves, to the seemingly hopeless situations we find ourselves in. In nailing these things to the cross, we are leaving them there, and moving forward in confidence, knowing God goes with and before us.

At the close of our final debrief time together Saturday night, I allow students an opportunity to write a letter to themselves which will be mailed to them in May. It is always my hope and prayer that while these events are short, there will be some aspect that will have a lasting effect on our students who take time out of their lives to participate. Please continue to pray for ALL our students! Zeteo is our next big event at the end of January and I canNOT wait!


Kayt Hughes

Director of Student Ministries