ULC Update for January 2020

ULC Update for January 2020

JANUARY 31, 2020


On an early January Saturday morning, nearly all of the ULC members (including all of the four who are new to our team), along with Pastor Gary, attended an event hosted by Crosspoint United Methodist Church’s Colonial Park campus. The offering of a “Simplified Accountable Structure” seminar drew us in.

Stepping back, in case you are new to Camp Hill UMC and are not sure what the ULC (Unified Leadership Council) is, a quick overview might be helpful. In May of 2017, our church transitioned to having one group of people assuming primary leadership for the church body, as opposed to having many people serving on multiple committees within the church. Each of us needed to submit an application and complete a 45-minute interview with the nominations committee (the only other committee still in existence) before being selected as members of the council. At the start, we read a book to help guide us in making this move, and at two of our meetings, we invited a “coach” to sit in and afterward, offer us some advice about how to become better at “leading” as opposed to assuming the role of “managing.” There were two reasons for our presence at Crosspoint UMC on a Saturday morning: we wanted to reflect on what the past 2 ½ years have taught us, and we were also hoping to gain some understanding regarding continued areas of growth.

The members of the ULC and Pastor Gary attended the first session together. It was entitled “Simplify Your Structure” and was presented to rookies and veterans alike (churches new to this structure and others who have had it in place for 10 years) by the very passionate lead pastor from Aldersgate UMC, Reverend Jan Hughes. The second session was one of our choosing, and most of us opted for a standing-room-only session for churches with questions regarding how things could look. Jan was our presenter again, and we came away with some terrific ideas and challenges that we’re very excited about as we guide our church in fulfilling our mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.


Shannon Zimmerman

ULC Class of 2021