Pastor’s Paragraph for January 12, 2020

Pastor's Paragraph for January 12, 2020

JANUARY 12, 2020


I must be honest. I have been enjoying this week’s Gospel message. Not in a profound life-altering way, but enjoying this week’s scripture simply because it speaks to me in a personal way. The story of Simeon and Anna that we read about in Luke 2:21-40 is an often ignored or at least forgotten story. It can be viewed, through the right lens, as a story of waiting. 

Rev. Gavin, Evangelical Covenant Church in Albert City, IA.,  referring to Christmas waiting,  said, “sometimes the secret to making waiting bearable is keeping busy. And then, sometimes, when we spend all our energy and focus waiting for something to happen, it becomes a bit of a let-down when it does finally happen. We let ourselves get so excited and wonder what is in each box for us, and then when it’s all over it doesn’t even come close to living up to what we were expecting. The presents are opened and the boxes are empty and we are bored because we are all done opening gifts and don’t know what to do with ourselves next.

Simeon and Anna joined all of Israel in waiting for the coming Messiah. And like the moments after Christmas gifts are opened, much of Israel was underwhelmed when Jesus did come, but not Simeon or Anna. They had been faithful to God and knew God well, and they recognized Jesus for what he was: the Savior and Messiah who would save all of God’s people.

I wonder if that has ever happened to you, Jesus arrives and you are underwhelmed. Might we, occasionally, be like the waiting Israel who simply don’t recognize the value and the joy of a gift once we have received it. I want to give us all (of every age) permission not just to recognize but to celebrate the sacred value and life-changing joy of Jesus! Stop waiting and know that Jesus is your personal Messiah.


Rev. Dr. Gary Weaver

Lead Pastor