Pastor’s Paragraph for January 26, 2020

Pastor's Paragraph for January 26, 2020

JANUARY 26, 2020


Today, we have the delight of welcoming new members into the body of Christ and welcoming new children through baptism into the family of God! 

I was baptized as a baby and so do not remember it, but a favorite baby album picture that I would return to again and again was of me “swimming” in the folds of my trailing baptismal gown. That photo has reminded me that before I was ever able to articulate it myself, I was welcomed by a gracious God and loved by a global church family that had committed to pray for me and teach me through their lives how to live like Jesus.

In contrast, I once heard baptism described as a tattoo that God places upon us—a mark of grace on our lives that cannot be removed. As someone who has never gotten a tattoo and can only imagine how painful removing one might be, I loved that analogy because I understand baptism not to be a moment—but the start of a journey. I understand, that God’s grace has clung to me throughout my life and that God will never remove it from my presence. 

And so, let us pray today that each of the five children receiving baptism and each of the three adults entering into church membership will tangibly feel the grace mark of God on the whole of their lives. That they will return again and again when watching videos of this day and scanning photos to the truth that they have been named, claimed, and changed by God. And may we be a church family who daily adds to that baptismal grace poured out through living out our own baptismal covenant vows—of participating in the ministry of the church by our prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness—that in all that we are now and all that we have yet to become, God may be glorified. 


Rev. Anna Layman Knox

Lead Associate Pastor