February 2020 ONE-FUND Highlight

February 2020 ONE-FUND Highlight

FEBRUARY 1, 2020

one fund

Your impact through giving may not always be visually obvious, but under the surface, it makes a tremendous difference!


Two ways your giving has impacted daily ministry this month:


1. In December, the fireplace in the Gathering Space sadly broke! The fireplace has, since built 20 years ago, provided a warm, hospitable atmosphere for people attending worship for the first time through Camp Hill UMC’s Yoga Chapel Fresh Expression of Church, for study groups who dig into scripture until late into the night, for fellowship gatherings of staff and church leadership, and for so many others! Because of your generosity, we were able to fix the fireplace within a month! How much did that cost, you ask? $1,700! Thank you for adding warmth to our shared ministry through your giving!


2. Something called “valve work” has been on our facilities maintenance list for at least four years! Because of your generosity, we are finally able to accomplish the replacement of valves and pans for the HVAC system! How much did that cost? $9,000! Thank you for your generosity, which allows us to maintain a building that is busy with God’s ministry of transforming the world!


What are our all-church 2020 goals?
1. Carry out three large-scale events for diverse community engagement.


2. Share in celebrating at least 12 professions and/or reaffirmations of faith.


3. Fully implement the new discipleship cycle.