March 2020 ONE-FUND Highlight

March 2020 ONE-FUND Highlight

MARCH 1, 2020

one fund

You may not always be able to see the impact of your giving, but we’d like to share a few ways that it has made a huge difference! 


Two ways your giving has impacted daily ministry this year:


1. At the end of January, the water heater in the scullery broke! The heater supplies hot water to the kitchen and scullery, so it seemed pretty crucial to repair it and ensure that we can supply hot water—for washing hands and dishes, as we prepare meals every Wednesday for approximately 60 people for Wednesday Connection meals, once a month for 125 people for 55Plus Luncheons, at the end of March for the Mission Central Gala, not to mention coffee hours and Upward sports concessions! How much did that cost? $9,000! Thank you for your generosity in helping us ensure that we offer a hospitable and clean environment for ministry!


2. In January, we were also able to send $575 to Sierra Leone to repair and maintain the motorbike owned by Panguma UMC that the pastor uses to make visiting in all the local churches possible! We support this ministry by motorbike every year in various amounts, depending on the need in each season. Thank you for the way your giving empowers ministry around the world!


What are our all-church 2020 goals?
1. Carry out three large-scale events for diverse community engagement.


2. Share in celebrating at least 12 professions and/or reaffirmations of faith.


3. Fully implement the new discipleship cycle.