Pastor’s Paragraph for February 2, 2020

Pastor's Paragraph for February 2, 2020

FEBRUARY 2, 2020


Friendship is a true gift. I suspect it would be safe to say we all have friends. I believe it would be equally safe to say there are different levels and layers of friendship. We have acquaintances, associates, and pals. We may even have a few soul friends, those people who know us so well that they can tell when we are bluffing in response to a question. At times we laugh with our friends, and sometimes we sob with our friends. At times we celebrate, and sometimes we console. At times we simply listen, and at other times we speak. Realizing this might sound like something we might read in the biblical book of Ecclesiastes, there are different seasons of and reasons for friendship.

I, like most or all of you, thank God for friends, especially my faith friends, with whom I have shared and continue to share life’s adventures. Friendship, taken seriously, can serve to encourage and challenge us in our pursuits, as well as caution and gently correct as necessary. A true friend gives and shares, not due to an ulterior motive for some personal gain, but rather to bless another and grow together.

One of the greatest joys of friendship is realizing that we are not alone on this earthly journey. No one can be as close as Jesus, yet the Lord affords us meaningful relationships that serve to spur us on in our faith. When I think about this topic, I am encouraged to let my friends know how much I appreciate them. It is a blessing simply to bless others and to acknowledge God’s great gifts in our life. Do our friends know how much they mean to us? Have we taken time to convey our gratitude for the friendship? Might we look for ways to simply brighten their day? “A friend (a true friend) loves at all times…” Proverbs 17:17. It is truly impossible to measure the value of friendship.


Rev. Dr. Stephen Gallaher

Associate Teaching Minister