Pastor’s Paragraph for February 9, 2020

Pastor's Paragraph for February 9, 2020

FEBRUARY 9, 2020


“For everything, there is a season”…the season was 1960. What happened in 1960? John F. Kennedy won the presidential election, Chubby Checker and the twist started a new dance craze, a Soviet missile shot down a United States U2 spy plane, aluminum cans came into wide use, Xerox introduced the first photocopier, Fidel Castro nationalizes American oil, sugar, and other US interests in Cuba and in late September of 1960 Pastor Gary was born.

Yet, all that pales in comparison to the events of February 14, 1960. After worshipping in the Camp Hill Theatre from September 1st until early February, a service of consecration for the new sanctuary was held and ministry and mission began at Camp Hill United Methodist’s present site. We celebrate that we as a people are 60 years old at this site, praise God!

Our church history books state that on February 14th, “a snowstorm had raged all day making most streets impassable. Few people got to the service.” As I write this in advance, I pray that this is not our situation on February 9th as we celebrate 60 years of ministry and mission on this site.

We are thankful to have Bishop Jeremiah Park lead us in worship during our 11:00 am Anniversary Celebration service today. Prayers will be said, choirs will sing, the Word will be read and preached and all that will be done to the Glory of God for 60 years of faithfulness.

There are those among us who will remember those early days in 1960. Rev. Clyde E. Way was pastor from 1954 until 1962. It has been said that under his leadership the church came of age moving from, “an average-size Methodist congregation to a fine large suburban center of community activity and spiritualism.” 

And there are those among us who have just found Camp Hill UMC to be home. Yet, for all of us, this Anniversary celebration is just that; a celebration of God’s people doing the best they can so that disciples of Jesus Christ may be made and that God’s world may be transformed.

Happy Anniversary!


Rev. Dr. Gary Weaver

Lead Pastor