Special Announcement for February 25, 2020

Special Announcement for February 25, 2020

FEBRUARY 25, 2020


Last week, the Unified Leadership Council shared the surprising news that our current Lead Pastor, Pastor Gary, had been reappointed. After what will be two years serving with us, he will be serving as the new District Superintendent of the Lewisburg District, as of July 1st.

Pastor Gary has received many gracious notes of congratulations and is thankful for the encouragement and grace he and Cindy are receiving, as they prepare for this transition.

We acknowledge that many of us continue to process a wide variety of challenging and legitimate emotions regarding this announcement. However, a lot of faithful work has been happening since then to ensure that this transition is a life-giving one both for Pastor Gary and Cindy and for Camp Hill UMC.

The Unified Leadership Council worked hard to put together a church profile that we believe accurately represented the hopes and concerns of our congregation to the cabinet and Bishop, who make the final decisions regarding pastoral appointments.

Also, in acknowledgement of the structure of our congregational life – with four worship services meeting in two separate spaces on either side of the Gathering Space each Sunday, we worked together to present to the cabinet a new pastoral ministry model. We are seeking to reflect who we are today, as a church, and also the hopes we have for a new pastor who will continue to lead us even deeper into who we are called to become.

And so, we requested a new pastoral leader to function in a collaborative partnership with Pastor Anna, joining joyfully in our identity and mission with the rest of our remarkable staff.

Our two pastoral team members, moving forward, do not yet have titles. Their roles are in the process of being refined, according to the gifts they, as individuals, and as a team, bring to us as a church. We have learned that the Bishop intends for Pastor Anna to remain at Camp Hill UMC, as one member of the full-time appointed pastoral team. And we are thrilled to welcome the Rev. Dr. Kathleen Kind as the newest member of our full-time appointed pastoral team.

Kathy kind announcementPastor Kathy was raised in The United Methodist Church – her home church being First United Methodist in Chambersburg. She received both her master’s and doctoral degrees from Wesley Seminary in Washington, DC. She has served as pastor of several churches in the Susquehanna Conference and for the past eight years, has been privileged to serve as the District Superintendent of the Altoona District. Pastor Kathy is currently the dean of the Bishop’s cabinet, a delegate to General Conference, and a highly respected and loved member of the clergy among her peers, including Pastors Anna and Gary.

Pastor Kathy has a great love of travel and theater – and she has a tremendous sense of humor. We believe she not only will understand – but already lives – the identity we share, as the body of Christ here in Camp Hill. We look forward to the remarkable gifts that Pastor Kathy will bring, as a pastor, and servant of God, among us. She will join us, effective July 1st.


Kim Bedford

Unified Leadership Council Chair